Process to Decrypt Ransomware

Process to Decrypt Ransomware

When you are infected with ransomware, all your thoughts goes in the direction to get rid of it. As they encrypts your file it become more complex to get rid of them. Also in return they ask for ransom, which by any means is not justifiable. By chance if  you pay ransom and get your files decrypt option, in that case also you have infected files and folder which are exposed. Secondly if they don’t revert, You can loose your money and files too. So giving ransom is not advisable. So what option you are left with?

There are many companies who are there to help you with free decryptor tools. You can use them and decrypt your files without giving any ransom. There might be case that you wont be able to decrypt most modern and new ransomware in most of the cases you will get success.

Always keep in mind that you dont need to pay for using decryptors. They are free and if some one is asking for money they might be scam, so dont use them. Below we are mentioning a list of decryptors which can help you up.

Freezing of ransomware:

But before we proceed make sure that you have neutralized the ransomware otherwise it will infect your system again. What you can do is look at our manual steps to remove ransomware or you can download spyhuter our advised software o get rid of it. This will give you the best result.

Identifying the ransomware:

Before you decrypt the files you must know which ransomware has affected your system for this you have a free online service called ID Ransomware. Here you have to put ransom note and sample encrypt file and it will give you the name of ransomware which has affected you.

Decrypt tool:

Here we are mentioning various decrypt tool for your help. You will surely get benefit from one of these tools.


One of the company which deals with decryptor has launched number of software’s to decrypt files for different ransomware. The company is know as EMSISOFT.

And they have diffent decryptor which will help you to decrypt these ransomware files

ApocalypseVM        *.encrypted or *.locked
Apocalypse              *.encrypted, *.FuckYourData or *.SecureCrypted
Xorist                       *.EnCiPhErEd, *.0JELvV, *.p5tkjw, *.6FKR8d, *.UslJ6m, *.n1wLp0, *.5vypSa and           *.YNhlv1
777                            *.777
AutoLocky               *.locky
Nemucod                 *.crypted
HydraCrypt            *.hydracrypt* or *.umbrecrypt*
CrypBoss                 *.crypt or *.R16M01D05
Gomasom                *.crypt
LeChiffre                  *.LeChiffre
Radamant                *.rdm
CryptInfinite          *.CRINF
CryptoDefense       HOW_DECRYPT.txt
Harasom                 *.html

You can find download link for all the decryptros here

CryptoLocker Decryption Tool

If you are victim of CryptoLocker ransomware and your files are encrypted by them then you can go for decryption tool from FireEye and Fox-IT. This tool can help you decrypt the files and get your data back.

Before CryptoLocker Decryption Tool it was not easy to get data back and victims have to give around 300 USD as a ransom to get files working. But with the help of FireEye and Fox-IT decrypt tool you can be safe. you have to upload one encrypted file to there server and then they identifies the key and decrypt the files for you.

Petya ransomware decrypt tool

Petya ransomware affects MBR (Master boot record) and its the latest threat in the lot. It makes your system unbootable and also disallows starting in safe mode. It encrypts your PC and ask for ransom to provide the decryption key.

What you have to do is to connect your HDD to a working system as external and get 512 bytes of verification data and 8 byte nonce which is required from the encrypted disk to solve the problem

you can get 512 bytes of verification data and 8 byte nonce thorugh some hexeditor such as


Save the files as src.txt and nonce.txt

Go to and paste the requested data which you have saved earlier.

click submit and in few seconds you will get the decryption key.

Now you can go back to encrypted disk and put the decryption key to decrypt your system.

Operation Global III Ransomware Decryption Tool

Operation Global III Ransomware infects your system and ask for 250 USD in bitcoins as a ransom to decrypt your files.when you are infected with Operation Global III Ransomware a lockscreen is displayed leaving you with no choice but to pay the ransom. The files are changed into *.EXE.

But now you dont have to worry as Operation Global III Ransomware Decryption Tool is available and you can decrypt your files. you can go to

and get OG3 patcher which analyze that decryption key is patched with each encrypted file. So you dont need to pay the ransom, this OG3 patcher helps you to decrypt your files.

Apart from these there are also many decryption tools which can help you in solving your problems such as:

For TeslaCrypt Ransomware Victims Cisco  offers a Decryption tool

Trend Micro antiransomware tool also helps you to decrypt the files

HitmanPro.Kickstart is another ransomware tool.

Kaspersky  has also developed ransomware tools.

You can try these tool to find solutions for following ransomware extensions

.ecc, .ezz, .exx, .zzz, .xyz, .aaa, .abc, .ccc, .vvv, .xxx, .ttt, .micro, .encrypted, .locked, .crypto, _crypt, .crinf, .r5a, .XRNT, .XTBL, .crypt, .R16M01D05, .pzdc, .good, .LOL!, .OMG!, .RDM, .RRK, .encryptedRSA, .crjoker, .EnCiPhErEd, .LeChiffre, [email protected]_com, .0x0, .bleep, .1999, .vault, .HA3, .toxcrypt, .magic, .SUPERCRYPT, .CTBL, .CTB2, .locky

Data Recovery Option

You can go through these extensions and find the applicable decryptor tool for your problem. But there might be case that your problem is not listed here. You might have lost all your data and you need to get them back. We are providing you with a list of best Data recovery software’s which will help you to get back your deleted data.

These software are free of cost and they really help in recovering data.

1. Recuva : you can download from
2. Testdisk: you can download from
3. Undelete360: you can get it from
4. Pandora Recovery: you can download from
5. Minitool partition recovery: you can get it from

You dont have to pay for these.

We will be updating this page as new ransomware hits the space. Please leave us a note if this tutorial help you in any way. We will be always be happy to serve you.