1 . Cheap ransomware’s are gripping the market such as Stampado Ransomware!

Ransomware are becoming the new threat on the online arena. Gone are the days when there were ransomware asking for hefty amount such as MORE

2. ‘HummingBad’ Malware : How to detect and remove from your Android Smartphones!

Recently ‘HummingBad’ Malware is affecting a number of Android smartphones all over the world. NOt only in US but worldwide it has affected 10 million smartphones. MORE

3. Cerber Ransomware was very quick to fix the glitch which makes check point decryptor useless

Cerber ransomware have now added captcha to there payment login page which is now preventing the exploitation of there servers.This means there is end to the Checkpoints decryption tool and now it will not work for cerber ransomware. At present the checkpoint has started to show message that the tool is no longer working now. MORE

4. Malvertising campaign shut down by Cisco’s Talos Group

One of the major source of exploiting the ads were neutrino exploit kit which was used to transfer ransomware to victims computer. But it has been reported that Cisco system’s threat research group has deactivated MORE